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If you have overall healthy teeth, but you do not like the look of your smile, we offer numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures that may be right for you. Dr. Dooley provides personalized care, and he will give you several options to improve your smile to achieve the specific results you desire.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Modern cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance of your smile by restoring damaged, stained, discolored, worn, cracked, misaligned, or misshapen teeth. Depending on your needs, one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures can improve the look and feel of your smile!

Cosmetic dentistry can have important benefits for your appearance and quality of life. Our treatments can enhance your other features, giving you a refreshed, youthful look. After treatment, you may feel much more confident, and your newfound self-esteem could impact you in ways you never imagined.  In some cases, our cosmetic treatments can also benefit your dental health. For example, Invisalign® can straighten your smile, and, at the same time, reduce your risk for decay, bruxism, and TMJ disorder.

Our cosmetic services include:


Teeth Whitening

Tooth bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is the process of lightening teeth. Teeth can become yellowed over time due to a variety of reasons. Whitening can be done by changing the intrinsic and extrinsic colors of the tooth enamel. We offer both in-office and at-home options, and we will help you choose the right treatment for your lifestyle and budget.


Porcelain Veneers 

A veneer is a thin layer of material that is placed on top of a tooth. Veneers are used to enhance the appearance of a smile as well as protect the tooth’s surfaces from any damage. They can conceal many cosmetic blemishes and reshape your teeth to look pearly white and new!


Dental Bonding 

Dental bonding involves the application of tooth-colored resin material to the teeth. This procedure is used for repairing teeth, changing their shape, or closing gaps between them. Bonding offers similar results to porcelain veneers. By applying the tooth-colored composite resin to your teeth, we can mask internal stains, chips, cracks, and similar damage for an improved and healthier smile.


Dental Contouring 

Cosmetic contouring, also known as teeth reshaping or dental contouring, is a quick procedure that removes some enamel to alter the shape and appearance of your teeth to improve your smile. If you have large or irregularly shaped teeth, our cosmetic dentist can trim off a small layer of enamel. The procedure involves little to no discomfort, and it will not weaken your teeth.



Invisalign is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses clear aligners that are customized to fit your teeth. These aligners are made from soft, BPA-free plastics and gradually shift your teeth by applying gentle pressure. Patients receive new aligners every few months throughout their treatment. These custom-made clear aligners can straighten your teeth and improve bite alignment. The trays are very unobtrusive, and most people will not even realize you are wearing them! To learn even more, visit our Invisalign® FAQ page.


Gum Contouring

While dental contouring is performed to alter the shape and appearance of your teeth, gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure that can alter the shape of your gums. During this procedure, our cosmetic dentist removes excess gum tissue and restores receding gum tissue to prevent what is known as a “gummy smile”. We remove excess gum tissue using our advanced WaterLase® laser. This procedure can give you a bigger and brighter smile.


Smile Makeover 

If you see a variety of treatments you would like to receive we can provide you with a Smile Makeover! You can combine several of the procedures listed above, along with some restorative treatment, to correct numerous flaws and achieve the smile of your dreams!

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?

If you want to enhance mild, moderate, or even severe cosmetic blemishes, you may be a good candidate for cosmetic treatment. Our procedures can address stains, chips, cracks, unusually shaped teeth, and dental misalignment. If you have any underlying health issues, such as decay or periodontal disease, Dr. Dooley will treat these problems first, before recommending cosmetic procedures to improve the look of your smile.

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