your-appearance-after-a-cavity-treatmentYou should be concerned about the effects of a cavity. While they start small, cavities continue to spread, and cause increasing damage. If your treatment does not come in time, you could lose your tooth, and find yourself dealing with new complications after bacteria spreads beyond the tooth. If you need treatment for a cavity, you may be concerned about how you look after your treatment has concluded. What you should know is that your dentist will take care to preserve how you look after you undergo a restorative dental procedure. Modern dental materials have been able to capture the look of teeth, so that your restoration will not call attention to itself when you smile.

Composite Resin Fillings Have Cosmetic Advantages

Because your dental filling is made from composite resin, you can enjoy a restoration that blends in among the surrounding enamel. The material can look so much like your enamel that your dentist can use it to make cosmetic improvements. That being said, an improved appearance is not the only reason your dentist prefers composite resin to amalgam metal fillings. Composite resin has the ability to bond to your tooth directly, and it is less susceptible to movement in temperature extremes.

What To Expect From A Porcelain Dental Crown

A porcelain dental crown offers an incredibly natural look, which means it will provide inconspicuous protection for a vulnerable tooth. You can also enjoy lifelike results from a zirconia crown. It is important to note that for back teeth, which face greater pressure than your front teeth, could require a metal crown for additional durability.


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