When Does A Dental Implants Make SenseFor over 25 years, titanium dental implants have been a durable, safe and cost effective way to replace one or several missing teeth. Implants take advantage of a special quality of titanium: its ability to permanently join with bone in a change called osseointegration. Dental implants make sense as a restorative tooth replacement almost any time a tooth is missing. When the jawbone is strong enough to support the implant base, and if your overall health is good, dental implants may be your preferred tooth replacement option.

Steps in Making the Dental Implant Decision

Whether your tooth loss was from a planned extraction, from an accident on the sports field, or as a complication from periodontitis, the first step is a consultation. We will examine your teeth and mouth, using x-rays and other types of dental imaging as necessary to formulate an exact plan for the size and placement of the implant, as well as for the construction of the crown. The crown (the prosthetic tooth which sits atop the implant post) will be crafted to carefully match the size, shape and color of the rest of your teeth, and will be indistinguishable from natural teeth in your smile.

Implants for Bridges and Dentures

An implant post can support a single crown, or two or more posts can be used to support two or more missing teeth. If the missing teeth are next to each other, then a dental bridge can be permanently set to “bridge” the gap. If the teeth are near to, but not next to each other, we may discuss using implants to hold a denture in place.

Dental Implants Are Long Lasting

Dental implants are very durable, and may never need replacement. Once they are in place, implants are cared for just as you care for the rest of your teeth. While the implants themselves will not be vulnerable to decay, they mostly likely sit next to natural teeth, and they are surrounded by living gum tissue, so flossing and brushing should be a priority. The same foods and drinks that stain your teeth will eventually have an impact on the color of an implant. And we always want to see you regularly for checkups and cleanings, to make sure things continue on the right track.


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