what should you expect from a dental bonding treatmentThink about what you would ideally like to see happen with your smile after undergoing cosmetic dental work. Are you looking to make a particular problem tooth fit in with its neighbors? Are you trying to cover up discoloration? Your dentist can make impressive improvements to your appearance by performing a dental bonding treatment. The treatment involves the application of composite resin to your tooth, to correct any visible flaws (composite resin is also used to make dental fillings). While a bonding treatment can address dental damage, harm that affects how a tooth functions can call for a dental crown.

How Your Dentist Can Fix Issues With A Tooth’s Shape And Size

By applying composite resin, your dentist can cover up many different visible defects. If your tooth is too small, and a gap exists between it and a neighboring tooth, your dentist can make the tooth look larger, and hide that gap. If it is misshapen, chipped, or cracked, they can smooth over those unsightly problems, and make it uniform with your surrounding teeth. The resin can be tinted to match the color of your other teeth, so it does not have a conspicuous appearance.

Considering Your Cosmetic Dental Treatment Options

If you know you want to improve how your smile looks, schedule a time to discuss what you want with your dentist. They can walk you through the different options available to you, and explain how they can help you achieve your desired smile. You may determine that a dental bonding treatment is right for you, or you might decide that you want to have porcelain veneers placed on your teeth. Better information can help you make a better informed choice.


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