What Is Bad Breath Is Telling YouIt’s no fun to be nervous about your breath. Bad breath can be a temporary condition of a few hours, or it can linger for days or weeks. In some cases, it may need professional intervention to get your breath back on track. Regular check ups and cleanings are the perfect time to bring up bad breath issues that are troubling you. Check ups also give us the opportunity to bring problems to your attention, so together we can short circuit bad breath issues.

Short Term Bad Breath After Eating

This transient bad breath is telling you your meal probably contained members of the allium family (like garlic and onions). These foods release sulfur-related compounds as they are digested, which then enter the bloodstream and circulate through your lungs. Until the compounds have left your system, your breath will have a smell. You can combat this short term bad breath with a sugar free breath mint, breath spray, sugar free gum, or other odor-masking methods.

Bad Breath That Sticks Around For Days

A second source of bad breath can be traced to a lack of good oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day and flossing to remove food particles between teeth and at the gum line are crucial to good breath. If stray food particles are not removed regularly, they will be broken down by the bacteria in your mouth, and these microscopic bits of decaying food will affect your breath. Not only that, but the interaction of food and bacteria produces a thin, sticky coating (called dental plaque) that sticks to your teeth. The enzymes and acids in plaque weaken tooth enamel, so removing it while it is still soft is important. If left in place for more than a day or so, not only will plaque affect your breath, but it will harden into tartar, which must be removed by a dental professional.

Bad Breath that Just Won’t Go Away

Long term, persistent bad breath needs attention.It can mean a cavity needs to be cleaned and filled. You may have an abscess from an infected root canal. When unpleasant breath is accompanied by tender, bleeding gums, it can signal the beginning stages of periodontitis, a serious condition. If we do not see any dental reason for the change in your breath, it may be related to other health conditions, such as diabetes, kidney problems or sinus infection. Sometimes medicine can affect the way the breath smells as well. Whatever your breath questions, a checkup appointment can give your more information, and together we can find a solution.


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