Want to Protect Your Smile? Take a Look At What You’re Putting On Your Plate!Are you a diligent toothbrusher and flosser who has still frequently suffered from cavities? If so, it might be time to take a look at your diet, rather than just examining your dental hygiene. While daily toothbrushing and flossing are great at helping to keep plaque at bay, if you are eating a diet high in sugars and simple starches, you could still struggle with acidic erosion. That’s because sugar allows bacteria in the mouth to feed, and eventually create acidity that can wear away your teeth’s precious enamel. If you want to protect your smile, and prevent cavity development that could require restorative dentistry like dental fillings, it’s best to stick to a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet, the kind that treats sugar as an occasional treat rather than a mainstay.

What Does a Smile-healthy Diet Look Like?

A healthy diet should consist largely of fruits and vegetables, which are packed with the kinds of vitamins and minerals your whole body needs. Many of these produce options also happen to be high in water content, which is essential to oral health.

You can also add lean proteins, and healthy fats, such as olive oil , avocado, and nuts, to help round out your diet and keep you full longer.

What Are Healthy Alternatives to Sugary Foods?

For most people there is no reason to feel deprived, much less frustrated, by trying to give up sweets altogether. The key is simply to use sugar sparingly, and you can help do so by looking for healthy alternatives to some of your favorite treats.

For instance, if you love flavored yogurt that is high in sugar, try plain yogurt mixed with fresh fruit, instead. Love granola or energy bars, but shocked by their high sugar content? Consider making your own crunchy trail mix using a variety of nuts and even a few dark chocolate chips. These are low in sugar, and high in antioxidants! You could also create a balanced snack by pairing cheese and vegetable slices, or veggies and hummus or almond butter. The possibilities are endless. Just remember, starting with fresh items, instead of packaged ones, is almost always better for your smile, not to mention your waistline.

Also, remember no matter how healthy your diet is, you should be seeing the dentist regularly for key preventive care, including checkups and cleanings.

Do You Need Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive dentistry can help to keep your smile healthy. Scott Dooley, DDS can provide you with a checkup and cleaning. You can schedule an appointment, by contacting us today at 972-495-8100. We have patient forms available online. We are proud to serve patients from Garland, TX, as well as those in Richardson, Dallas, Wylie, Sachse, and all surrounding communities. T


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