right procedure can help you achieve your best smileThe right cosmetic dental treatment can rid you of flaws you feel hold you back from your best smile. You may have a problem with one tooth, or several. You could be bothered by the color of your teeth, or their shape. In some cases, patients will have multiple issues they would like to resolve. Your dentist can guide you through what to expect from each cosmetic procedure available, and can help you determine what you should do to improve your appearance. While a better-looking smile is an understandable goal, the primary concern is for your oral health. Any ongoing health issues with your teeth should be addressed before undertaking cosmetic work.

Taking Care Of Discolored Teeth

Tooth discoloration can be remedied with a dental whitening treatment. A professional procedure can make your teeth whiter by several shades, and you have the option of electing to do the whitening yourself, at home. You should know that certain forms of discoloration will be less affected by whitening agents. Porcelain veneers and dental bonding can both help with discoloration in these instances.

Covering Dental Damage, And Other Physical Flaws

A set of porcelain veneers can enable you to flash a quality smile, with your dental flaws hidden. Veneers are placed over the front of your teeth; damage, discoloration, and even misshapen teeth are covered. Dental bonding can cover up flaws with an application of composite resin to your tooth. This can be less expensive, but bonding is less durable than veneers.

Taking Care Of Crooked Teeth

Invisalign can take care of crooked teeth in some cases. The aligner trays are difficult for people to spot, making them effective and discreet. Your dentist will need to confirm that your misalignment is not too severe before moving forward with this treatment.


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