power-of-a-smile-makeoverYou and your dentist can formulate a plan to drastically improve your appearance through a smile makeover. A smile makeover involves identifying a problem – or, in many cases, the problems – with your smile, and determining what work should be done to make it look remarkably better. Cosmetic dental work is dedicated to helping your appearance. However, an issue that affects your appearance can sometimes cause problems for your health, too. In these cases, your dentist will need to address the health issue. Restorative work can actually make your smile look better.

Eliminating A Range Of Issues That Have Dogged Your Smile

There are many issues that might negatively affect your smile. You could have spacing issues between teeth, weak or eroded enamel, dental damage, or a range of other possible issues. You can respond to multiple issues by having porcelain veneers placed on your teeth. The veneers hide damage, discoloration, and can even cover up some spacing issues.

Finding The Right Way To Make Your Teeth Whiter

For discoloration caused by stains, a professional whitening treatment can have a pronounced effect. However, some discoloration is intrinsic, meaning a change in a deeper layer of your tooth has affected its appearance. Porcelain veneers or dental bonding can help with this sort of discoloration.

Some “Cosmetic” Problems Can Actually Call For Restorative Solutions

If your tooth’s appearance is affected by a health issue, a cosmetic treatment may not be viable. Instead, your dentist may need to do restorative work to help your tooth. This can still improve your appearance. A dental crown made from porcelain can look like a natural, healthy tooth, and offer protection cosmetic work cannot provide.


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