A snoring problem can make people self-conscious, and reluctant to admit they have a problem. While you may not like the idea of telling strangers you snore, seeking help can be important if you suffer from sleep apnea. This condition, which causes loud snoring, can also lead to a range of worrying health issues. If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), telling your dentist about your issue can lead to a successful treatment thanks to a special oral appliance that keeps your airways clear. When you eliminate this problem, you can improve your health, and secure a good night’s rest for you…and your partner.

Why Is Sleep Apnea A Health Concern?

Sleep apnea interrupts your sleep cycle through the night, so you fail to enjoy the needed benefits of your rest – even if you sleep eight hours or more. You might not remember doing so, but your body has to wake up in order to clear your airways, which become blocked by soft tissue in your throat. The disruption to your sleep cycle can cause you to feel groggy and unfocused during your day. It can also have a dangerous effect on your blood pressure, and an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke.

What Else Can My Dentist Help With?

You might be surprised by what your dentist can do for you. Addressing something like a problem with chronic headaches during a routine visit with your dentist can lead to treatment for TMJ problems. Issues with your jaw joints can lead to discomfort, as well as difficulty operating your jaw when you bite, speak, or chew.


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