talk to your dentist about spacing issues with your teethAre you bothered by a spacing issue with certain teeth? It can be more than just a cosmetic nuisance. Teeth separated by a gap can have less stability than they should. For teeth that overlap uncomfortably, you could have areas of teeth that are unusually difficult to clean. This could make you more prone to cavities in these areas. Your assumption may be that there is no way to correct spacing issues without braces, but this is incorrect. If the problem is mild enough, your dentist may approve you for Invisalign, so that your teeth can be corrected discreetly.

Help For Tooth Misalignment May Be Available Through Invisalign

Not every person’s alignment issues qualify for treatment through Invisalign. If the corrections you need are more drastic, your dentist will have to recommend another orthodontic treatment. However, if you are approved, you can have this less visible correction. Invisalign, unlike braces, can actually be removed by you – this makes it easier to eat, and to clean your teeth. However, you should keep in mind how leaving them off for too long will delay your completed correction.

Using Cosmetic Dentistry To Cover Up An Unsightly Gap In Your Smile

If you have a bothersome gap between two teeth you are eager to correct, your solution may lie with cosmetic dentistry. Dental bonding can effectively build up the size of a tooth, so that it connects with its neighbor. The procedure involves the application of composite resin to the tooth, which is molded to have an appropriate look, then hardened. The process can be completed in a single trip to your dentist.


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