How much of a difference can one dental visit make? Hopefully, your next routine appointment with your dentist will lead to nothing but a clean bill of health, and your dentist’s approval. However, you could go in for a checkup and learn that you have a cavity that is developing. Your dentist can make arrangements to remove the cavity, and use a filling to restore your tooth. If you have a cavity, but forgo a checkup, the decay can worsen while it goes undetected by you. When you do recognize the issue, it may be serious enough to call for a root canal. Routine care offers important cavity protection, but this is not the only benefit. You can also receive an important dental cleaning, and a full review for any potential problems.

A Dental Cleaning Can Remove Tartar You Leave Behind When You Brush

Tartar removal is a crucial aspect of your routine checkup – on your own, you will not be able to remove it. Once plaque has hardened into this stubborn substance, it can resist your brushing and flossing efforts. When your hygienist cleans your teeth, they can make sure to eliminate it.

Checkups Offer Important Early Cavity Detection

What separates a cavity from a cavity that needs a root canal? Your dentist will only need to perform a root canal when you have tooth decay that affects your pulp. This stage of a cavity can be marked by persistent discomfort. If you do not have this advanced tooth decay addressed, your tooth could be damaged to the point that it has to be extracted.


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