Sedation Dentistry for BeginnersSedation dentistry is a new concept to some people. It is not the same as the local numbing you might receive during some dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is an option for anyone who is anxious about a dental procedure. For some people, sedation helps maintain scheduled cleanings and checkups. Other patients request sedation dentistry during lengthy procedures. Patients trust us to make sure they are physically comfortable during a procedure. Sedation dentistry allows us to make sure you are mentally comfortable as well.

Nitrous Oxide: The Lightest Sedation

For a calm feeling that doesn’t linger long after the end of the administration, nitrous oxide is a good choice. You will remain awake, and may even feel especially happy. (That’s why nitrous oxide has the nickname of “laughing gas”). Once the procedure is completed, you will quickly return to your natural state.

Oral Anti-Anxiety Medication

Another sedation option is a prescription anti-anxiety medication. We can adjust the prescription to your needs. Oral medication stays in your system longer, and will usually result in some degree of drowsiness. You may find you do not clearly remember your time in our office.

Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is the deepest form of sedation. Not all dental offices are certified to administer IV sedation, but we do provide this service in our office. IV sedation is sometimes referred to as “twilight sleep.” While you will not be completely unconscious, most patients have no recollection of the procedure and may not remember the time immediately afterward.

Our caring staff will monitor you while under any of these types of sedation. All three types can be adjusted as needed throughout the procedures. If nervousness, anxiety, worry or even nausea are keeping you from getting the proper dental examinations and care you need, please consider sedation dentistry as an option towards the good dental care that maintains a healthy smile.


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