restoring your smile after a dental emergencyGood preventive care for your teeth offers many benefits, but even the best care can be undermined by an accident. If you are injured, and that injury affects your dental health, you can receive emergency care from your dentist. The treatment you receive – and your immediate response – will depend on the type of injury. If your tooth is partially or totally knocked out, you can attempt to save the tooth, and bring it to your dentist. If the nerve tissue in your tooth is exposed in an accident, your dentist will need to attend to it, to stop any infection. A full response to a dental emergency will address your health, and any effect on your appearance.

Treating The Health Of Your Tooth

If any of your tooth has been knocked out, do not touch the root. Store the removed tooth with milk or saline. If it is fully knocked out, try to reinsert it in its socket. If damage has left your pulp exposed, your dentist will need to perform a root canal treatment. A weakened tooth may be salvageable with the help of a dental crown, which will protect it from further harm, and function on its behalf.

Treating Your Tooth’s Appearance

A dental crown made of porcelain can look like a natural tooth, to minimize the visual impact of a restoration. If an injury only causes cosmetic problems, dental bonding can cover up signs of damage.

Responding To Tooth Loss

In the event that you lose a tooth in an accident, a prosthetic can take its place. A dental implant enables you to enjoy a root-supported replacement. The implant, which is fused to your jaw, can also help prevent potential bone loss in your jawbone.


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