Ready to Achieve that Dynamite Smile of Which You’ve Been Dreaming?Have you spent years dreaming of a more dazzling smile, but worried that achieving it would be impossible? You don’t need a magic genie, or even a birthday wish, to achieve a bright and beautiful smile. You simply need to talk to your cosmetic dentist. Porcelain veneers, for instance, are just one of the ways your dentist could likely help to address your smile’s imperfections, leaving you with the kind of pearly white teeth you’ll be proud to show off. So, don’t lose anymore time dreaming about a different smile. Schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist about how porcelain veneers could make it your reality!

What Could Veneers Do for You?

Many people don’t realize the many ways porcelain veneers can help to enhance a smile’s intrinsic, natural beauty. Yet this single treatment option can often help to:

  • Correct inconsistencies in the shape of teeth, as well as oddly-sized teeth
  • Hide minor spacing problems, like gaps between teeth (though orthodontic treatment Invisalign, would likely be recommended for more severe alignment issues)
  • Cover intrinsic discoloration or permanent staining that teeth whitening would be unable to effectively address
  • Improve the overall symmetry of the smile, by creating more consistency in the teeth’s shape and size; this could include covering worn or jagged edges

Are There Other Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Veneers?

Perhaps best of all, thanks to the strength of dental-grade porcelain, patients are able to enjoy the beautiful results of their veneers for many years, even more than a decade in many cases. This makes porcelain veneers a great long-term smile solution, and a wonderful investment in one’s smile, and his or her confidence.

Want to Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to hide most smile imperfections, with beautiful and natural-looking results. You can schedule a cosmetic consultation with Scott Dooley, DDS by contacting us today at 972-495-8100.


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