quiz what to do about dental damageDental damage can come in different forms. Some forms of damage can come without warning. For instance, an accident could put you in need of emergency dental work, and that need could be urgent. Other problems can build up over time. For instance, if you suffer from bruxism, your teeth can be ground down by your habit of clenching your jaw. Your dentist is able to take care of injuries and other forms of dental damage. If it is called for, restorative dental work can be done to repair an infirm tooth. If damage is more superficial, you might want to have a cosmetic dental procedure done, to help your smile.


True Or False: Grinding your teeth at night is a condition called bruxism, and it can cause real harm to teeth.

True Or False: Emergency dental visits can be arranged, but will be no sooner than a week from your injury.

True Or False: Dental crowns can protect a damaged tooth.


True! The force you apply to your upper and lower teeth when you clench them is sufficient to cause chips and cracks. Your dentist can help treat bruxism, to spare you from this damage.

False! If you need urgent dental care, your dentist can work to bring you in as soon as the day the problem occurs.

True! Dental crowns often help protect teeth after after they have been treated for cavities. They can also be effective restorations for teeth that are injured. Your dentist can examine an injury to determine if a crown will be needed.


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