taking personal care of your teethWhen it comes to concerns regarding your oral health, regular checkups with your dentist matter. They offer a chance for your dentist to spot and treat small problems, and provide your teeth with an advanced cleaning. What this means is that every six months, you have confirmation that your mouth is in good shape, or you receive work that leaves it in good shape. As much as these visits can benefit you, you have a responsibility to effectively manage your oral care between those visits. A combination of good cleaning habits and a diet that keeps your cavity risk low can mean going longer without needing restorative work on your teeth.


1. True Or False: Water with fluoride can help make it easier for your enamel to naturally resist tooth decay.

2. True Or False: Brushing your teeth once a day is fine.

3. True Or False: If you are worried about a toothache or tooth injury, emergency dental services are available.

4. True Or False: If you have porcelain veneers, there is no way to cause them to stain.


1. True! Fluoride is present in some water sources. This mineral can help improve how effectively your enamel can recover from the damages that can lead to cavities.

2. False! The American Dental Association actually recommends that you brush twice a day. They also recommend using toothpaste that contains fluoride.

3. True! When you find yourself dealing with a dental injury, or a painful toothache, you have the option of reaching out to your dentist for emergency services.

4. False! The porcelain material used to make your veneers is stain-resistant, but over time, exposure to dark beverages like coffee and red wine (among others) can discolor them.


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