quiz seeking dental treatmentWhat does it take for you to see your dentist? How likely are you to try and ignore a lingering pain in your tooth? How often do you see your dentist for a regular checkup? If you feel that something is wrong with a tooth, you should have it checked, especially if the pain tends to linger, or if that discomfort has been consistent over time. If a sudden problem arises, it can also merit an examination. When you understand what your dentist can do to restore a problem tooth, and why prompt treatment is recommended if you think something is wrong, you can better protect your overall oral health.

True Or False: Your Dentist Is Not Able To Arrange Emergency Dental Treatment

False! In the event that a sudden problem arises – for instance, if your tooth is cracked, or you have a damaged or removed dental crown – you can reach out to your dentist for emergency service.

True Or False: Consistent Pain Or Sensitivity In A Tooth Could Require A Root Canal

True! If a tooth is unusually sensitive, or frequently causes you pain, there could be a problem with the nerves within the tooth. Your dentist can remove damaged nerve tissue from your tooth with a root canal treatment.

True Or False: There Is No Reason To Rush To Have A Cavity Treated

False! Early treatment spares more of your tooth. Over time, decay spreads to more of your tooth, meaning more will have to be removed during treatment.

True Or False: Even If You Have No Dental Problems, You Should Still See Your Dentist Every Six Months

True! Regular dental checkups mean having problems caught sooner. It also means expert care that makes preserving your oral health easier.


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