problem with your dental work let your dentist knowSometimes, a problem with your tooth is not exactly about your tooth. There could be an issue with damage to a filling, or a crown, robbing a tooth of its necessary protection. You could also experience damage that affects your porcelain veneers. If something happens to your preexisting dental work that needs attention, you can reach out for emergency dental treatment. Your dentist can arrange to see you as soon as possible, so that the issue can be restored without undue delay.

Taking Care Of A Broken Dental Crown Or Filling

Your restorative dental work is intended to last for many years, but they can still be subject to replacement. A filling or crown can wear out over time; one reason to see your dentist regularly is so that the condition of these restorations can be checked. However, if something happens to either, it can require a quick response. If your dental crown falls out, or is damaged in a way that threatens the health of your tooth, you should seek a replacement promptly. This is also true if you lose a filling, or if your filling causes damage to your tooth.

Replacing A Damaged Dental Veneer

Porcelain veneers are intended to make your smile look its best, and those results are meant to last. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen. If you suffer damage to a veneer, it will need to be replaced. You can contact your dentist and arrange to have a new veneer. You should also know that the veneer’s color cannot be improved on – unlike your enamel, there is no effective whitening process. This could also mean replacing the veneer.


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