fdfDo you remember when you were a child and had your first tooth filled? Was it traumatic or did your parents explain what was going to happen? Do you wonder how to prepare your child for their first filling? Today with dental sealants, and fluoride treatments, and new and improved toothpastes and mouthwashes, hopefully your child will be half-way to adulthood before he or she needs a filling. However, if that is not the case today we share some tips on preparing your child for their first dental filling.

A Parent’s Anxiety

If you are anxious about dental visits chances are your child will be too. According to studies, whether or not a child experiences dental fear and anxiety is highly contingent on how their parent’s handle dental appointments. Children can sense their parents’ dental fear and/or anxiety regarding their own past dental experiences.

The Do Not’s

Do Not project your fear and anxiety onto your child.

Do Not alarm your child by saying “Does it hurt?” or “I’m sorry you have to experience this.”

Do Not tell your child they are going to get a shot.

Do Not use negative or scary words such as “hurt,” “needle,” or “bad.”

The Do’s

Do be positive about the experience.

Do be reassuring.

Do continue positive reinforcement even after the dental visit.

Do choose positive verbiage such as “Good job” and “I’m proud of you.”

Do answer your child’s questions using positive words and without giving too much detail.

Do stay calm.

Do give your child some control by allowing him or her to wear their favorite outfit or bring their favorite toy to play with while in the waiting room.

Do plan something fun afterward.


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