need-relief-from-jaw-pain-ask-your-dentist-for-helpJaw pain from TMJ problems can turn into a real quality of life issue. These problems can negatively affect your trigeminal nerve, which controls jaw function, and also affects your face, neck, and head. Your TMJ problems can be the reason you suffer facial pain, neck pain, and even chronic headaches. The jaw pain you endure can actually affect your ability to bite and chew. You may even have trouble moving your jaw properly to speak! If you are suffering issues you suspect stem from TMJ problems, tell your dentist. They can investigate the source of the issue, and help you enjoy relief from your condition.

How Your Dentist Takes Care Of TMJ Pains

Your TMJ problems could come from something like a physical injury, poor dental alignment, stress, or a habit of grinding your teeth. In many cases, your dentist can alleviate the discomfort you are experiencing by using an oral splint to hold your jaw joints in a more comfortable position. This oral splint, which you can wear while sleeping, can help address the cause of your discomfort.

Teeth Grinding Can Cause Your Teeth To Experience Serious Harm

One reason people experience problems with their jaw joints is because of bruxism. This condition causes you to routinely clench your teeth, and can harm them seriously enough to call for restorative dental work. A special mouth guard can be constructed to stop jaw clenching from damaging your teeth. Your dentist can catch signs of bruxism during a routine dental visit, as there can be signs of advanced wear and tear.


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