making-time-for-whiter-teethCan you afford to give up the time it will take to have your dentist whiten your teeth? Before you answer, you should know that you can have this cosmetic dental procedure completed in less time than you might expect. Professional whitening agents can produce significant changes, and your dentist can help you reap the full benefit of those improvements in a single office visit. You can also elect to better avoid potential schedule conflicts by performing your whitening treatments at home. The at-home treatments will use the same professional whitening agents your dentist uses in the office, so you can still see real results.

Selecting A Professional Whitening Treatment Versus Store-Bought Products

Why should you seek your dentist’s help in whitening your teeth? The outcome of this work can exceed the best results you can anticipate from store-bought products, like whitening toothpastes. By using prescription-strength bleaching agents, your dentist can ensure that stains that have settled into your enamel are targeted, so that you see your teeth become whiter by several shades.

Some Patients Will Need An Alternative Approach To Teeth Whitening Agents

When you have intrinsic discoloration, even a professional whitening treatment can fail to deliver the outcome you hope for. If you have this sort of discoloration, which can come from dental damage, or as a side effect of certain medications, another treatment will be better equipped to make your desired changes. When your dentist places porcelain veneers on your teeth, you can hide discoloration, while you also cover up any other flaws with your smile. This treatment can be more involved than whitening, but the result can be a significantly improved appearance.


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