keep-your-smile-in-good-shape-through-2017-with-these-tipsHave you enjoyed good oral health over the course of 2016? As 2017 comes close, you may be thinking about the state of your smile. If you have enjoyed a year without dental problems, you presumably want next year to be just as successful. However, if you found yourself in need of restorative dental work last year, you may want to consider how changes in your behavior can lower your future risk. With improvements to your at-home care, and a commitment to seeing your dentist for regular checkups, you can ensure that you spend the next year with a healthy smile.

Have You Been Flossing? Why This Habit Is Important To Your Oral Health

Why should flossing matter to your oral health? Your toothbrush can do great work cleaning most of your teeth, but the spaces between teeth can be hard to access. Without flossing, these spaces can continually go without the attention they deserve. Adding a daily flossing session to your oral care routine can protect you from cavities, and reduce your risk for gum disease.

Make Sure You See Your Dentist For Regular Checkups

Regular checkups help you avoid serious dental problems. When your dentist can check on your condition every six months, they can be sure to catch problems that are early in their development. That means you are less likely to need advanced care, like a root canal treatment, for a problem.

Being Mindful Of Your Diet

It is hard to maintain a perfect diet, but you can benefit by cutting back on sugar. Regularly enjoying nutrient-dense foods that are lower in sugar can make it easier for you to prevent tooth decay.


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