Keep Calm and Smile On with a Seamless Smile SolutionAre you worried that you might be struggling with a dental cavity, or another form of dental problem? If so, what is causing you the most concern? Getting treatment, or how your smile will look once a restoration has been completed. Either way, the great news is that modern restorations can be made to look natural and feel comfortable, so there’s no reason to worry about getting restorative dentistry. In fact, a dental restoration could be the key to restoring both your smile’s comfort and your sense of confidence!

Tooth-colored Fillings Can Improve Your Comfort and Your Confidence

If you are diagnosed with a dental cavity, especially if it is detected and treated early in its progression, a minimally invasive dental filling is likely all that is needed to restore your smile’s health. For years these fillings were made of metal amalgam, that could be uncomfortable for many patients, especially those with metal sensitivities. Of course, they were also easily spotted, creating embarrassment for many.

Modern dental fillings, though, can be made of a composite resin material instead. Not only does the resin bond tightly with teeth, creating an incredibly tight seal, but it can also be carefully sculpted and shaded to sit nearly seamlessly within the smile, allowing for great confidence!

Porcelain Crowns Are a Beautiful, Durable Form of Restoration

If your teeth have been chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged, the dentist tis likely to recommend a dental crown instead. Like fillings, crowns were once made predominately from metal, but they can now be crafted from a natural-looking porcelain, instead. Porcelain is durable and stain resistant, making it a long-lasting form of restoration.

In Need of Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative treatment can help to improve your comfort and protect your oral health. You can schedule a restorative consultation with Scott Dooley, DDS by contacting us today at 972-495-8100.


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