shutterstock_160466312Smoke detectors can alert you in case of fire, and weather bulletins keep you informed of approaching storms. There isn’t a good warning system for most dental emergencies, however. When a tooth is knocked out or a filling comes loose, you will have to spring into action without much advance notice. Our staff is trained to handle dental emergencies, and we want to help you remain calm and take the next right step. How would you handle these situations?

Your Child Has A Tooth Knocked Out

It’s a sunny summer day and you are at the park with your child. A misstep on the monkey bars results in a fall. A cut lip soon reveals that a tooth is knocked loose in the socket. What is a good first step you can take while you are calling our office to let us know what happened?

  1. Remind her she should have been wearing a mouth guard
  2. Wrap the tooth in a tissue and hold it in place
  3. Try to put the tooth back in the socket
  4. Put the tooth in a glass of clean water

CHOICE #3: Try to put the tooth back in its socket. We have a 24 hour paging service when we are not in the office to speak with directly.

A Sore Tooth Is Getting Worse

An aching tooth has gone from mildly annoying to very painful over the last week. You hardly slept a wink last night. This morning you realize you can’t handle the discomfort for another day. What should you do?

  1. Call an ambulance
  2. Call our office and explain the problem
  3. Drive yourself to the emergency room
  4. Consult Wikipedia

Choice #2: Call our office and explain the problem. We would always rather hear from you sooner (when a problem is small) than later. Dental checkups and cleanings help us work with you to keep little problems from turning into bigger ones.

General Advice for Dental Emergencies

Keep calm. Call our office and explain the situation. We try to see severe dental emergencies immediately. We may make you an appointment within a few hours or a day depending on the situation. Our caring staff can calmly handle situations that might be very upsetting. We will work with you to find restorative measures that will again allow you to smile.


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