how-laser-technology-improves-your-dental-experienceWhat do advances in dental technology mean for your smile? Your dentist can use modern tools to improve your experience by helping to limit discomfort, and reduce the amount of time you spend in the dentist’s chair. Laser dentistry has improved diagnostic and procedural work. Your dentist can use laser technology to find smaller cavities, so tooth decay has less time to grow and harm your tooth. Lasers also help to ensure that any work you undergo takes less time, and is more precise. Your dentist can answer any questions you may have about how laser technology can change your oral health experience.

Using Lasers To Aid In Cavity Detection

With DiagnoDENT, your dentist can carefully check the levels of fluorescence in each of your teeth. If high levels are found, it can indicate decay is taking place. Using laser technology allows your dentist to take a close look for any small cavities that have formed. When you have a cavity found sooner, you can have treatment sooner, and limit the harm a cavity can do. After removing a smaller cavity, a dental filling can discreetly restore your tooth.

How Lasers Can Make Dental Treatments More Precise

WaterLase depends on laser light and a water stream to make exact treatments to your teeth, and to gum tissue. This technology can be used during a root canal treatment, as well as for tooth and gum contouring. With WaterLase, your dentist can minimize the impact to surrounding tissue while doing work. This means less discomfort, and a more accurate treatment.


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