how a root canal treatment can save your toothIf you take care of your teeth at home, and receive routine checkups from your dentist, you should be able to minimize oral health complications. However, if you develop a cavity, and leave it untreated, you can put your tooth in serious jeopardy. A root canal treatment is used to treat infections in the pulp of a tooth. A root canal is often employed to remedy an advanced cavity, but it can also help to save a tooth that has been damaged in an accident.

Cavities And Root Canal Treatments

A cavity can often be detected, and treated, before it affects anything other than the enamel of your tooth. At this stage, it can typically be remedied with a filling. If you have left a cavity untreated, the resulting decay can affect your pulp. If a cavity does reach your pulp, it can kill your tooth by infecting the soft nerve tissue and blood vessels at its center. A root canal treatment allows your dentist to clear away any bacteria in your pulp, as well as remove any infected tissue. Because a root canal treatment can remove a significant portion of your tooth, it may need to be restored with a dental crown.

A Root Canal Treatment For A Damaged Tooth

If your tooth is cracked in an accident, your pulp may be exposed. Because the exposed pulp is vulnerable to bacteria, you may need a root canal treatment for the injured tooth. An infection in your tooth can wreak havoc on its overall health, so it is important that your dentist treat it before making cosmetic restorations to the tooth.


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