helping treat sleep apnea without a CPAP machineIf you suffer from sleep apnea, help can come from your dentist. Sleep apnea is a serious condition – if you snore heavily, and struggle to capture a real sense of rest after sleep, you might be afflicted with it. It disrupts your sleep cycle by leaving you without air periodically while you sleep, forcing your body to wake up and clear your airways. Sleep apnea treatment from your dentist can actually provide you with aid without using a CPAP machine, a common treatment method that makes it hard for many people to sleep comfortably.

Why You Should Talk To Your Dentist About Sleep Troubles

Would you consider trouble sleeping something to discuss with your dentist? It may feel unrelated to your oral health, but mentioning issues like fitful, restless sleep during a routine visit with your dentist can lead to treatments you are not aware of. Your dentist can use a mouth guard to help keep your airways clear in the night. The mouth guard is similar to what is used to stop damage to your teeth when you suffer from bruxism.

Improving Your Diet To Improve Your Oral Health

Changes in your diet that help you lose weight can mean lowering your risk for sleep apnea. Your diet choices can also affect your oral health. Cutting products that are high in sugar can help you reduce your weight, as well as lower your cavity risk. Eliminating calories by switching from flavored drinks to water can also be good for your teeth. Your dentist can identify smart food and drink choices that will make caring for your oral health easier.


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