If you’re like most people, flossing isn’t your favorite thing to do. You might even be one of those individuals who proudly proclaim, “Yes, I floss twice a year—when my hygienist does it at the end of my checkups!”


The truth is, no matter how great you are at toothbrushing or how expensive your toothbrush model is, there are some spaces in your mouth that it just can’t reach. Like between teeth and just under the edges of your gums, where periodontal disease (gum infections) starts.


That’s where flossing comes in. But what would you think if Dr. Dooley told you that there was an alternative? Because there is. At Dooley Dentistry, we encourage our patients (who hate flossing) to invest in something called a water flosser.


How Water Flossing Works


Water flossers are handheld devices that spray a thin, steady stream of water out of the tip. Depending on the type of water flosser you’ve purchased, you can adjust the pressure and control the temperature of the water.


A water flosser works by flushing away loose plaque and food debris. Instead of rubbing buildup away with floss, you’re using pressured water. Simply trace the water flosser along your gums, angling it slightly down into your gumlines. Pause between each of your teeth to clean the contact points, as well as below the gums in those spaces.


It can take a little practice to get used to water flossing. Some people need to use a lighter pressure while others find it tickles their mouth. In time, you’ll find that it’s almost hard not to use it each day because of how clean it makes your mouth feel.



Why it’s Worth the Investment


Toothbrushing only cleans the sides and tops of your teeth. When you use a water flosser, you can easily trace all of the gumlines, reach between teeth, and even clean underneath fixed appliances such as dental bridges or implants. It’s also great for our patients who are wearing braces!


Best of all, water flossers reach down into “periodontal” gum pockets around your teeth. These are the areas of detached tissues where plaque likes to hide out. Flossing can generally clean below your gums by 2-3 millimeters, but water flossing can reach far deeper if you have unhealthy pockets. It’s an excellent investment for our patients with gum disease.



Healthier Smiles in Garland


When you switch to a water flosser and use it daily, chances are Dr. Dooley will see a big difference in your gum health during your next checkup. We want our Garland patients to be able to preserve their smiles for life. And it all starts with the health of your gums and supporting tissues!


If you have swollen, tender, or bleeding gums, request an exam and cleaning to get things back on track. Then invest in a water flosser to clean your smile daily and keep things healthy. Contact Dooley Dentistry today to schedule your next checkup.


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