toothdiscolorationThe first thing people notice is your smile, and whitening your teeth can transform your whole appearance. Having a bright smile can increase your self-confidence, make you look younger, healthier, and even increase your personal, professional, and social opportunities. Whitening removes extrinsic stains that can develop over the years from foods and beverages. Has tooth discoloration gotten you down? If so, find out if you’re a candidate for whitening at Dooley Dentistry.

Whitening Options

At Dooley Dentistry we offer you two types of whitening options: At-home whitening and In-office whitening:

Take-home whitening kits: Take home whitening kits include custom-fabricated whitening trays and whitening gel. Although you see immediate results with in-office whitening, it will only take two weeks to see great results with an at-home whitening treatment. Whitening can be done at your convenience in the privacy of your own home and it won’t break your budget. Wearing the gel-filled trays for 30 to 45 minutes a day at your convenience can obtain results equal to an in-office whitening.

In-office whitening:  In-office whitening utilizes a more powerful whitening gel that is painted directly onto your teeth and activated with a special light. The process may be repeated more than once, and can brighten your teeth up to 100 shades. Results are obtained with in-office whitening in about an hour.

Which Should You Choose?

Both methods are equally effective. To help you decide, you may want to ask yourself how much time you’re willing to invest in whitening. How much money are you willing to spend? Do you have time for a dental visit before, after, or during your work day? If you are still wondering which method you should choose, we can provide an in-depth consultation  so you choose the whitening method that is right for you and your lifestyle.


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