benefits of smiling with porcelain veneersAlthough the typical smile only lasts from two-thirds of a second to four seconds, the action is usually mirrored by anyone who catches it. By contrast, when someone refuses to smile, the resulting impression can often seem cold, and sometimes hostile.

Studies have highlighted the numerous benefits that come from the simple act of smiling, including an improved mood, which can equate to significantly less stress. Unfortunately, some people do not experience the benefits of smiling due to self-consciousness about their smile—an apprehension that often stems from an imperfect or incomplete set of teeth. With porcelain veneers, however, you can once again enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, confident smile.

Improve the Look of Your Smile

Among the most common reasons for people to seek dental treatment is for a cosmetic fix to one or more unsightly teeth. Through the marvels of cosmetic dentistry, more people than ever are freely flashing their pearly whites, confident that they are smiling their best. One of the most effective treatments to help patients reach this level of confidence is the use of porcelain dental veneers.

Made from thin shells of ceramic, or porcelain, dental veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth to erase the embarrassing blemishes of stained, crooked, or oddly spaced teeth. The dental porcelain resembles the surface of your teeth to provide a clean, uniform look for your brand new smile.

The Foundation of Your New Smile

No matter how pretty your smile can be made to look, poor oral hygiene can effectively undermine all of your efforts. After receiving your new smile, and the confidence that comes along with it, you must maintain your new look with a proper and effective oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily remain important, as well as maintaining a schedule of regular dental checkups and cleanings.


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