Could You Be Suffering from a Dental Cavity?Are you having a hard time enjoying meals lately, because of pesky dental discomfort? Does even trying to sip your coffee cause you to wince in pain? If so, it could be due to an undiagnosed dental cavity. Cavities are incredibly common. In fact, almost 90 percent of the adults in America are likely to struggle with dental decay. Fortunately, if you do have a cavity, your dentist can help to restore your smile, so you can get back to enjoying your meals – and your life – without worrying about dental pain getting in the way.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Dental Problems

The first thing you need to understand about your teeth is that they are strong, but unable to repair themselves the way other parts of the body, like your skin, can. This means that without treatment, your dental issues are only likely to worsen over time.

To help prevent painful tooth infections or even the need for extraction, it is best to see your dentist at the first indication of trouble. This could mean heightened sensitivity or deep discoloration, caused by acid erosion, or it could mean noticeable pain, particularly when chewing.

In any case, a restorative appointment gives the dentist a chance to check for problems and to address them, as needed.

Enjoy a Newly Restored Smile with a Dental Filling

The great news is that if you are diagnosed with a dental cavity, the dentist can likely help to restore the tooth with a minimally invasive dental filling, particularly if the cavity is detected and treated promptly.

Need Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry makes it possible to bounce back from dental problems like cavities. You can schedule a restorative consultation with Scott Dooley, DDS by contacting us today at 972-495-8100.


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