are-you-prepared-to-respond-to-a-dental-emergencyIf you suffered a dental emergency right now, would you be prepared to respond to it? Dental injuries and serious dental pain can be disruptive, and it can be hard to think objectively when dealing with these situations. Your dentist is prepared to help if you have a dental emergency. If your issue calls for it, reach out to them. They understand that issues can develop seemingly from nowhere, and are prepared to respond, even if the issue arises at a seemingly inconvenient hour. If something is urgent, your dentist can make your care a priority.

Tackling Different Emergency Scenarios

There are actions you can take in the event of an emergency before you make it to your dentist. If you have a lost tooth, avoid touching its roots. Place it back in the socket if you can, or carry it in milk or saline when you bring it to your dentist. If you need help with dental pain before you make it to the office, over-the-counter pain relief can help make your condition more manageable.

How Will Your Smile Be Affected By Emergency Dental Treatment?

Your oral health is of chief concern in the event of a dental emergency, but your smile matters, too. The restorative work provided by your dentist can leave you with natural-looking support for damaged teeth, or a life-like prosthetic for a lost tooth. If your issue does not ultimately call for restorative care, but still visibly affects your smile, you can recover with the help of cosmetic dental work.


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