a-filling-can-provide-a-discreet-cavity-solutionIf you have a cavity, there is no way around it – you will need to see your dentist. Tooth decay continues to spread if the issue is not addressed via a restorative dental treatment. If you see your dentist in time, they can remove the cavity, and support your tooth by providing you with a dental filling. The filling is important, as your enamel cannot regrow what was lost after a cavity. Made from composite resin, your filling will be hard to detect, as the texture and color can match your enamel. Regular dental care matters, and you should worry about developing cavities. However, if you do develop one, you can be reassured by the knowledge that your dentist can offer a discreet restoration.

How Your Dentist Will Respond If A Cavity Is Too Large For A Filling

Not everyone will make it in for an appointment in time to have their tooth restored with a filling. If your cavity is too large – or if you need a root canal treatment to address decay – you should expect to receive a dental crown. A crown, like a filling, can be discreet. Porcelain and zirconia crowns are life-like, and can hide effectively among your natural teeth.

How Regular Dental Visits Help You Avoid Serious Tooth Decay

If you want to avoid restorative work altogether, or at least avoid serious tooth decay, make sure you see your dentist every six months for a checkup. Each checkup offers serious preventive benefits, including a professional teeth cleaning. You are also checked for any active cavities. Your dentist can spot, and treat, a small cavity, so that you do not have to deal with more significant troubles.


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