3 reasons to see your dentist about teeth whiteningCosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the quality of your smile. With experience and expertise, your dentist can perform treatments that will boost your confidence in your appearance. Whitening is a popular treatment for people who are worried about their teeth color. While many toothpastes advertise their capacity to whiten your teeth, your dentist can perform procedures with faster, more impressive results. If you feel your smile has lost its luster, or if you have never been happy with the color of your teeth, your dentist can help. While the standard teeth whitening treatment may not be equally effective in all cases, your dentist can help you understand what other options you have for increasing their color.

1. You Can Enjoy More Dramatic Results Than With Over-The-Counter Products

While over-the-counter products like whitening toothpastes can demonstrate some positive impact on the color of your teeth, their effect tends to be limited to removing stains sitting on the surface of your enamel. Professional whitening treatments use bleaching agents that can go deeper into your enamel, and treat stains that hide below the surface.

2. Your Dentist Can Walk You Through Any Questions Or Concerns

A routine checkup is a great opportunity to ask questions about elective procedures like teeth whitening. If you are considering it, but are unsure, you can talk to your dentist to learn more.

3. You Can Learn About Other Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

If your teeth are affected by intrinsic discoloration – from a tooth injury, or after taking certain medications – teeth whitening gels will be less effective for you. You may want to talk to your dentist about porcelain veneers, which permanently sit on the front of your teeth, and give you an attractive, natural-looking smile.


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